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Washington's only Indonesian home goods store. Your source for the rare and unique!

9508 Front St S Lakewood, WA 98499 | New Location*


Picturesque landscapes, cascading mountains, lotus flower designs, Amid a mix of friendly artisans and the best preserved classic culture on earth makes indonesia the ideal place for sculpting great pieces of wondrous art. Procuring ethically sourced products can be a difficult thing at times but we have made purchasing goods of recycled timbers our priority. Working with local guides we unearth those hard to find antiques from locations like Central Java and Sumatra. 


We find the locals do not create the homogenous knick-knacks of much of the world and specialize in the truly beautiful. Friendly women and men carving wood and stone from blocks by hand, and occasionally right in front of you. Driven by religious traditions and temples, the wonderful people of Indonesia are masters of great monuments who enjoy the practice of Hinduism which influences much of what they do. These architectural feats can be seen prominently displayed in family compounds and temples across all of Indonesia

As agents we find the art, architecture, and celebrations to be a cohesive whole. The people and unique surroundings make Indonesia the most satisfying and wonderful experience of all. Our friends have managed to keep a firm grasp on what's important and that is what we love about this place!


As we grow with our artistic counterparts, we find ourselves inspired to keep the focus on sustainability and preservation. Selling should be about responsibility. Specifically, doing what is right while supporting the people we love.  

Have a look at the new inventory we are currently purchasing. Need something special! We can procure the perfect piece for you and ship it for free!

All inventory now ten percent off. Have a special wish! We'd love to hear from you!

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9508 Front St S Lakewood, WA 98499

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