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A beautifully rare hand cut onyx stone sink handmade in Indonesia. Cream and white grain striation throughout the sink filing the interior with lovely color variations. Polished bowl with a sparkling exterior of opaque glitter white and cream-colored onyx covers the chiseled stone bowl. These are handcrafted pieces of artistry from our family in Indonesia. Each piece is made masterfully and no two are alike. If you desire one of our blue-ribbon items they are organically handpicked with great lines. The thickness of this basin will protect your cargo from cracking or damage during shipping. We suggest direct lighting to give this piece a nice sparkle to your water closet. These basins give a primal yet beautiful twinkling effect at night. Our stone sinks are chopped from a large culture of blocks sourced and managed by the ministry of agriculture in Indonesia. This primitive exterior is beautifully paired with a modern faucet to give your home a real feel of stylish sophistication. The inside is finished by diamond polishing, and a standard hole cut at the bottom for your typical 1 5/8-1 3/4 drain. Cleaning can be done with any household cleaner and polishing with a fine steel wool pad and paste. We typically clean our units yearly to keep the luster. Alternatively, you can use any abrasive compound and small rag to restore the shine every other year. Each unit has an unpolished large flat surface at the base to prevent rocking. These are substantially heavy, so they do not need to be glued or pinned down to the vanity. We have many colors, shapes, and sizes. For special orders and bulk pricing please message us directly with requirements, and color requests. or by phone +1 253 205 1015

Black Petrified Wood Stone Sink Wash Basin

$695.00 Regular Price
$625.50Sale Price
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