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MOLTEN DRIFTWOOD GLASS VASE- Free Shipping (pebbles not included)


These Brilliant vases are made by pouring molten glass directly onto driftwood so the base the of vase adheres perfectly to the form the wood creating a unique piece every time. Our vases come in all shapes and sizes but this particular vase is molded in a traditional vertical vase form, making it perfect to display flowers or to put on display for a centerpiece!  


This piece is 7" long, 3.5" wide, and 8.25" tall, the vase removes from its perch but is molded to fit only that exact base. These vases make lovely centerpieces, just fill the base with pebbles, add a little water and flowers, and you’re all set. Perfect vessel gifts for holidays, birthday parties, weddings, divorces, going away parties, a welcome home present, Christmas, Hanukkah, Quansah. 


Our products are made from the purest sand blown at over 3090*F by Indonesian Professionals in a traditional form that has been passed down for generations. We travel to Indonesia and pick out our products by hand to ensure that you have top choice from the highest quality available on the market.  Free Nationwide Delivery. We ship via Usps express on a 3-5 Day Delivery across the USA and Canada. All orders Fully Insured for any damage caused by shipping.

DRIFTWOOD GLASS VASE-Bali teak vase, hand blown vase, centerpiece decoration,

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