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Magnificent Red and Gold Umbrella- premium fabric balinese umbrella with gold topper and gold accents. This particular parasol is perfect for indoor accents as well as for the pool or spa. We specialize in Bali Umbrellas and Indonesian artifacts. The bali ceremony umbrellas are perfect for events, weddings, and especially inside the home. Perfect for accenting your garden, decorating around your garage or as a highlight to a party. These are really fun to show off and beautifully handmade in central indonesia.  


102" Tall & Opens up to 3' wide - Free Nationwide Delivery. We ship via Usps express on a 3 Day Delivery across the USA and Canada. 

All orders Fully Insured for any damage caused by shipping.  


This is a fantastic handcrafted Ceremony, Garden, or Celebration umbrella in a thick Red fabric that is handmade with fringe, trimmings and bead work that are hand stitched onto this luminescent fabric with a hand carved gold and walnut stained wooden staff that conjoines the stitching to the staff.  Fringe, trimmings and bead work are hand stitched onto this brilliant fabric. The staff is made of soft natural wood with a small wood peg or nail depending on manufacturer that holds the parasol open. Staff measures approximately 100" tall and has a hand carved topper stained gold that can be easily removed if needed. The carvings go about 1/4" deep of a beautiful design that will come in stained in a warm gold along with a hand carved elaborate wood topper. These fantastic ceremony and celebration umbrellas can be cut to any size you wish. The umbrellas are great for gardens storefronts, parties, weddings, or as a decorative accent piece in your home. We see them used frequently on store fronts and spas across the united states. These handmade umbrellas come in a variety of designs, fabric choices and color options. Please inquire directly with any special order needs and for bulk discounts.

MAROON BALI UMBRELLA- Garden Umbrella, Wedding Umbrella, Hindu Umbrella

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